Images are powerful tools that shape the perception of the masses, but, they also help shape one's perception of self. Images effect our psyche on so many levels and the absence of images do the same. At the beginning of my yoga practice I scoured the internet for images of poses and found little to no representation of women of color.


Initially my intention was to  create a series of graphics just for my instagram account. I made the first graphic and sent it to my sister for her opinion. She said, “This would make a cute T-shirt graphic.” That conversation changed my train of thought and developed into a yoga apparel brand designed to celebrate Black women in yoga.


I wanted these designs to reflect the range of beauty and versatility from our skin to our hair. Each design features a different pose and a message to inspire.  It's with a full heart that I welcome you to Mudra by The Art Reform. Each design is a labor of love and I hope that love is felt with each wear.



~ Renay Rajua Nailon




Sourced from Bella + Canvas | Sweat Shop Free



Created with Intention | Designed with Love

Screened in Atlanta by Byrd Eye View



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